Monday, January 28, 2013

Real quick

Genesee got her hair cut for the first time on the 18th. Just a trim but she looks even cuter now.

 We went to the park today to enjoy our 60 degree temperatures. But of course the wind is blowing in a storm(wish I would watch the weather). So we stayed for about 45 minutes and then booked it out.
 This girl loves the swings almost as much as the slide

Give me a kiss. She hated the wind so she stayed in the stroller most of the time

Tried to get all 3 of them

Kept trying until I got this one. Good for my crazies

Rockin away like a crazy girl

He kept hiding from me. Then I convinced him that this picture would be cool because it had so many colors in it. It kind of worked.

Then I told him Gma really wants a cute picture of his face. And this is what I got. He sure loves his grandmas.
I know this is quick but hey at least I did something!
Until next time...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Birthday Bash!

We celebrated last night with just the 5 of us. It was perfect! Ate pizza, opened presents, played with balloons and destroyed cake. Happy birthday to our little one year old!
Weight: 22lbs 6oz 75%
Height: 29 45%
Head 17.5 30%

She is a full blown army crawler but has no desire to push up to her knees and go
Pulling up and cruising a few steps
Is quite the little gabber saying dadadada, mamamama, bababababa
Loves making noises with her mouth ie strumming her fingers over her lips and making noise
Loves playing peekaboo
Plays so big...How big is Emily, raises arms for so big!
Loves table food and demands it all day long
Not picky at all
Mimics the cats meow
Understands the concept of mine and yells at her sis if something gets stolen
A great sleeper, sleeps from 7-7 and takes 2 two hour naps daily
Very social and warms up to people instantly
Although, she is a mommas girl
2 bottom teeth and the four on top are just about through
Is learning to hate the car seat
Developmentally she is not far from where she should be
No one ever thinks she is a preemie because she just does not look like one
I dont know that the video will work but if so ENJOY!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

One year older and wiser too

Emily Marie is a full blown year today! Can you believe it?! It is just nuts to me how quickly time has gone by since that crazy time last year. She is a doll and we really couldn't have asked for a better baby and daughter. We haven't done her well check yet because she has viral pnuemonia. I know!! Isn't she just the luckiest to be sick on her birthday. But trust me it sounds way worse than it is.  So once we get her healthy and checked out I will do an update with stats and things she is doing now.

This is the smallest she got...2lbs 12oz
From this to...
To this is a year

 Isn't she BEAUTIFUL! Oh how we all adore her and her sweet dispostion.

A really LONG recap

Here it goes...

So Christmas Eve Eve of 2011 is where I will start the story. We had a busy day of playing and just enjoying family. We went sledding which I swear was not more intense than chasing my other two around all day. So say what you will but I know my body and looking back can now say my body was just not ready for this pregnany because it was just hard the whole time. Crazy pain and no energy ever. Anyway...we got home that night from driving around looking at Christmas lights and I was thoroughly exhausted and ready to be done, but instead we built our fort and laid down to watch a movie.
At about 1a.m. Christmas Eve morning I was woke up by a "gush". I didn't think much of it since I was only 27 weeks 2 days along. And in the past the doctors have broke my water. So I went back to bed. then at 5a.m. I was woke up once again with a much larger "gush" as miss Ems moved. I went to the bathroom but nothing was happening. All I knew is that I had not peed my pants because it did not smell like urine. So I woke Dillon up and told him what was happening. He got on the computer(not me because I freak out easy) and started looking into it. That is when he said to call my doctor just to get her opinion. She didn;t think it was anything until I said what it smelled like and then she said, "Well that is suspicous". Then I panicked a little and she told me to come in and she would see what was going on. We call our sweet neighbor who agreed to come over to watch Genesee but Lij ended up coming with us. He was too panicked like me and worried about me.
So we headed to Parker and got into the room. The nurse told me to get settled and she would check the pad I was wearing to see if she could get an idea of what was going on. She came out of the bathroom and was suprised that the pad was soaked. Like a HUGE maxi pad soaked through in an hour. She told me then that more than likely my water had broke. I was like okay well I will go home and sleep it off. Silly me!! I had no idea that I couldn't leave the hospital until the baby was born. Too much risk of infection and preterm labor. So my doctor came in and told me the same news. She did an exam and I was dilated to a 3. The put me on fluids, gave me a steroid for her lungs(it gave me a gigantic charly horse in my but through my leg) and called for an ambulance to take me to another hospital. I couldn't stay there because they were only equipped for a baby 28 weeks or older and I was too high risk to wait it out for 5 more days. All I knew is that I was there until she was born and we were shooting for at least 34 weeks. That's right, a six week hospital stay.
So off to University hospital twice the distance from my home. The ride in the ambulance was cold and miserable. I was worrying my mind out, all the while I was contracting every 2 minutes. We finally made it and got to my new home away from home for a little while. I was once again examined and was told I was at a 4. Oh great!! Progress when I don't want it. They put me on magnesium. This helps stop labor and also gives protection to the babies brain if she were to be born soon. This stuff gives you the most wicked sensation of a constant hot flash but not necessarily a fever. Yuck!! That is all I can sum it up to. They also put me on some intense antibiotics and a heart monitor for the babes. The next 48 hours were critical for infection and fetal stress.
So there I lay confined to a bed for 48 hours and Christmas was less than 24 hours away. But my sweet amazing husband took charge. He went home with Lij once I was all settled and got things packed and situated and in place. Gifts delivered, laundry done, house cleaned, presents wrapped and packed, Christmas tree packed, cookies made, picked up Genesee, and headed back to me. He unloaded the car by himself and then set up a Christmas wonderland for me, because I was devastated that I was going to miss Christmas. It was perfect and crazy all at the same time.

Christmas came. It was a great time! The kids were in heaven and I got to see all the joy and excitement. Then reality set in. What are we going to do with the kids while I'm in here? What will happen to them? But of course the Lord answers every and all prayers. My sweet niece was off of college for the semester and didn't have a job yet. So we planned on shipping her out on the first of January. That gave us a week to get everything as orderly as possible so all she would have to do is watch the kiddos.


The next week was probably the hardest week of my life and probably Dillon's too. It was emotional and stressful and bitter yet sweet. I missed my family so bad but couldn't have them around for long because it was too much for my already stressed body. My family missed me and was trying to adjust to a home with no mom for a while. I was feeling guilty that I was failing my job as a mom twice. I wasn't there for my kids at home but my body was doing it for the one inside either. I feel guilt really easy and its really easy for me to take the blame. So I was eating away at myself.

New Years came and we played the Wii while the kiddos slept. Of course I woke up exhausted but happy to have my family with me. They went to church while I slept. That night Dillon went and picked up Brittney and took her home. That whole next day I was miserable and just not feeling awesome. I was starting to spot and that worried me but the nurses weren't concerned because I was contracting very often or hard. Dillon showed Brittney the ropes that whole day. I had the day to myself to try to get back feeling good.
That night I had several pretty good contractions but I didn't worry because they were so far apart. In the morning is when things got going. I went to the bathroom to find that I had bled quite a bit and I was contracting more. I called the nurse and told her I was feeling lousy and what was going on. She seemed concerned and called the doctor. She did an exam(my first in a week and a half) and said that I actually regressed and was at a 2. Then she checked again and changed her mind. I was at a 7 and she was feeling baby feet. Yes she was breech the whole time. She told me today was the day and we were going to deliver her ASAP. I called Dillon. He FLEW up to the hospital just in time to walk into the OR as they were starting the procedure.
The whole time from when I called him to when he arrived, I was in shock. I was thinking "Today? It can't be today...I'm only 28 weeks 5 days. This is too early!! I'm by myself. No one here understands." Then a sweet nurse came up to me and held my hand while they gave me a spinal. Apparently I was shaking like a leaf and looked panicked. She talked to me the whole time explaining everything and just easing my mind. The spinal was in with a couple bad shots but in. They rolled me over but the sheet thing up and I was a little calmer. Numb up through my chest but calmer. The NICU pedatrician came and talked to me and I instantly loved her. Then Dillon walked in and they started.
It only took 40 minutes from when she checked me to when my little angel arrived. She was here my Emily Marie was here. 3lbs 2oz 15inches long. She was doing fine for about 5 minutes then slowly started struggling. She was put onto oxygen and then intubated. She was taken to the NICU where they could get her setup and stable. Dillon had to stay with me but I wanted him to be with her so bad. They finished with me and rolled me over to recovery. I waited there until my spinal started to wear off. Then they were finished with the procedure to place a pic line in Emily, and I could finally go see her.
We got there and I instantly got really sick and had to go back to my room. All I can remember is thinking how little she was but beautiful. Yes she looked like a little alien but she was my alien so I LOVED her instantly.

I got to stay for 4 full days after she was born and then I got kicked out. 2 full weeks in the hospital was plenty I guess. The day I left the hospital was the day that started a whole new journey of ups and downs and bitter and sweet. But I will blog about that later.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

We did it!

Completed our first Half Marathon that is. I can't believe we actually did it but we did.  I felt great until mile 4 and then I just started walking. I don't really know why. I wasn't even thinking about it and then all of a sudden I was walking. I wish I would have kept going because once you start walking it is hard to get running again.  We stayed together until mile 9 and then I had to practically force Dill ahead of me. I was holding him back the whole time and I knew it. Which made it not fun for me.

It was hard especially with NO training. But all in all it was actually a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to my next one because I have a LOT of room for improvement. I finished though and Dill just about killed himself doing it.


Place: 556/628
Time: 2:32:52
Per mile: 11.60

Place: 601/628 :(
Time 2:48:17
Per mile: 12.82

The guy who won it ran it in 1:14, thats like a 5min split. He was cruising! And see what I mean by improvement. I'm trying to focus on the positive though and realize I have just done something a lot of people would never dare to, and I lived to talk about it!

Here are a few pics to prove we actually did it.

I look happy because I had walked most of the end. My legs hurt so bad I could barely bend them let alone run on them.

This was 3 miles in and we saw the photographer with his gigantic camera. I told Dill he should do a heel kick. Which he did but the camera guy missed it. Sad day!

Dill always sprints the last part. You can tell how intense it was by his face.

And then he got into an all out battle with another person trying to beat each other. Which he did!

I love how he is so intense.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm back!

More to come, but I have finally decided my blog is more important than obsessing over who is doing what and when evey minute on facebook. I will leave you with a couple pictures...

To be continued...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Springs

We took a much needed family vacation on the 4th of July weekend. We have been wanting to check out Colorado Springs(The Springs, COS) so that's where we headed. We checked into the KOA just south of COS. We stayed in one of their little cabins. So much easier than packing the car to the brim and camping it with two little ones. We went swimming which was a huge hit especially with Genesee. She is a fish! Played in the sweet playground where there was a wooden train that Lij absolutely loved. Genesee loved the sand and Dillon took the opportunity to bury her waist deep. She loved it! We all slept like rocks that night even though we were all in the same room. 
Playing on the porch of the cabin
Swimming with dad
A pretty good shot of the 3 of us
Lij loving the Choo choo
Aren't they cute!
Enjoying the sand
My little ham
A group shot

The next day we went off to Peterson Air Force Base. We thought for sure Lij would love this since he LOVES planes and helicopters. It was a little hard to get in but they finally got the list with our names on it and let us right through. There is a museum where you can check out all the of the planes close up. We even got to go inside one. Pretty cool and then the tour guide took us in the hanger and showed us a ton more. Which was a welcome break from the heat. We got there early but it got hot fast! We learned that not too far from us is the power to destroy countries. And when I say destroy I mean completely wipe out. So much power it is actually terrifying.
Instead of separate captions, I will let the pictures speak for themselves...
Okay side note...this is the one we went inside...

An "A" bomb

The rest of the day we drove around and saw the sites. We are too cheap to pay to drive up Pikes Peak and the kids fell asleep right when we were headed to a splash park. So we drove around...and then we checked into a hotel since I wanted to stay longer and the KOA was all booked up. We went to Goodwill and picked up church clothes so we could go to church down there.(The next morning I realized I had to sub in nursery so we drove back nice and early anyway.) All we did that night was enjoy the pouring rain and went swimming some more. Watched TV and went to sleep.  
Lij was obsessed with the "real" phone in the room...we had to disconnect it because he would not leave it alone.

All in all we had a great trip...a much needed break from our daily lives around here.